Version 2.0.2

Bugs Fixed

  • FirebirdSQL/fdb#96 ReferenceError exception when closing weakly referenced cursor [PYFB81]

  • (Unregistered) - Bug in Service get_statistics() when tables parameter is specified.

  • (Unregistered) - Use proper locale in gstat and log according to Python version.

Version 2.0.1


  • Enhancements to BlobReader - protected data as properties (blob_id, is_text, blob_charset, charset)

  • Added support for utf8 database filenames and other string db connection parameters (isc_dpb_utf8_filenames)

  • New attribute: fdb.ibase.fbclient_API.client_library_name

  • ObjectList: (a) class_type property (b) Allow sort on frozen list

Other changes

  • Better readable code with Google-style docstring and better documentation with sphinx-napoleon extension

Bugs Fixed

  • (Unregistered) - Bug in ObjectList.any()

  • (Unregistered) - fdb.schema: ObjectLists properties for user and system objects of the same type are now stable (not created on getter call)

  • (Unregistered) - fdb.log: Fix minor locale problem in Python 3

  • (Unregistered) - fdb.trace: Fix parsing of IPv6 addresses

Version 2.0


This is initial release of new “SweetBitter” driver generation.

During this (v2) generation FDB driver will undergo a transition from development centered around Python 2.7 / Firebird 2.x to development centered around Python 3 / Firebird 3. There are some backward incompatible changes between v2 and v1 generation, and you may expect some also between individual releases of second generation. To soften this bitter pill, the second generation will have new functionality, enhancements and optimalizations gradually added into each public release.

The second generation is also the last one that will directly support Python 2.7 and will be tested with Firebird 2.

The plan is to move forward with v3 generation (Python 3/Firebird 3+) as soon as v2 code base will become mature.


  • Hooks.

  • New modules for parsing Firebird trace & audit logs (fdb.trace), gstat output (fdb.gstat) and server log (fdb.log)

  • Added fdb.utils.ObjectList class for improved object collection manipulation.

  • Modules monitor and schema now use new fdb.utils.ObjectList for collections of information objects.

  • Methods fdb.Connection.database_info() and fdb.Transaction.transaction_info() now distinguish between text and binary strings with result_type code.

  • Significant changes to documentation.

Other changes

  • Exception fdb.Warning removed as duplicate to standard Warning exception.

  • Changes to make pylint more happy about fdb code.

  • Parameter result_type in methods fdb.Transaction.transaction_info() and fdb.Connection.database_info() now does not support value ‘s’ for string results as these converted strings to unicode in Python 3 which does not makes sense (it’s always binary data, at least partially). Instead new value ‘b’ is introduced for binary string results.

  • Reworked Visitor Pattern support in schema module, added classes fdb.utils.Visitable and fdb.utils.Visitor.

  • Method fdb.schema.Schema.reload() now takes as parameter numeric metadata category code(s) instead string name.

  • Cleanup of unused constants

Bugs Fixed

  • (PYFB-72) - exception_from_status function gives an UnicodeDecodeError

  • (PYFB-73) - Buffer filled with zero-characters is returned instead of actual content of page when page number more than 64 K

  • (Unregistered) - BOOLEAN arrays were not supported

  • (Unregistered) - Issues with Python 3 and Windows compatibility from latest 1.x versions.

Version 1.8

  • In relation to (PYFB-71) a better memory exhaustion safeguard was implemented for materialized blobs. See Working with BLOBs for details.

  • Added service support for backup and restore from/to local byte stream. See local_backup() and local_restore() for details.

  • Added attribute (RDB$FIELD_ID)

  • Added method fdb.BlobReader.get_info().

Version 1.7

  • (PYFB-66) - Port parameter for connect and create_database is not used

  • (PYFB-69) - Can not connect to FB services if set ISC_USER & ISC_PASSWORD by os.environ[…]

  • (PYFB-70) - executemany(operation, seq_of_parameters) appears to run slower than it should

  • Number of fixes to DDL generators in schema module

  • Added support for Filter and BackupHistory in schema module.

  • Added DDL scripts generator get_metadata_ddl().

Version 1.6.1

  • (PYFB-68) - Add support for isc_spb_sts_table option

  • (PYFB-67) - Cursor fails after use with executemany(). ReferenceError: weakly-referenced object no longer exists

Version 1.6

  • New: Extended support for database and transaction info (new attributes and functions on Connection and Transaction, fixes and improvements to db_info() and database_info()).

  • Fix: Missing character sets for automatic translations.

  • (PYFB-64) - cursor.description throws ReferenceError after executemany INSERT

Version 1.5.1

  • New connect() parameters: no_gc, no_db_triggers and no_linger.

  • Direct support for with statement (PEP8) in Connection class.

Version 1.5

  • Initial support for Firebird 3.0

    • BOOLEAN datatype

    • IDENTITY datatype (in schema)

    • Database linger

    • Preserve SHADOW on DROP

    • DDL triggers

    • New and extended system tables

    • New and extended monitoring tables

    • GBAK statistics (service)

    • On-line validation (service)

  • (PYFB-60) Cursor: executemany(operation, seq_of_parameters) does PREPARE of <operation> for each parameter from <seq_of_parameters>

Version 1.4.11

  • (PYFB-58) Severe performance loss and minor memory leak

Version 1.4.10

  • (PYFB-54) Windows 7x64 and FB2.5.2x32 Python2.7: Error in Registry Path. FDB driver does not find the library fbclient.dll

  • (PYFB-55) get_sql_for incorrect generate sql query for Views

  • (PYFB-56) schema.reload typing mistake for views

  • (PYFB-57) role.privileges does not return correct privilege list

Version 1.4.9

  • (PYFB-51) <procedure>.get_sql_for(‘<re>create’) returns invalid output parameters

  • (PYFB-52) isc_info* types which are _DATABASE_INFO_CODES_WITH_COUNT_RESULTS raises TypeError: ‘float’ object cannot be interpreted as an integer

Version 1.4.8

  • Enhancement to automatic client library location detection on POSIX. Now it also looks at LD_LIBRARY_PATH dir if specified.

Version 1.4.7

  • Forgoten debug printout removed. Annoying for Python 2.x users, fatal for 3.x users.

Version 1.4.6

Bugs Fixed

  • (PYFB-50) Exception ReferenceError: ‘weakly-referenced object no longer exists’ in PreparedStatement and Cursor

Version 1.4.5

Bugs Fixed

  • (PYFB-49) Memory and DB resource leak due to circular references.

Version 1.4.4


Bugs Fixed

  • Additional fix related to PYFB-43

  • Additional correction for unregistered problem with circular ref. between PS and Cursor when explicit PS is executed.

Version 1.4.3

Bugs Fixed

  • Previous fix for PYFB-43 was incomplete, corrected.

Version 1.4.2


  • In relation to PYFB-43 I had to make a backward incompatible change to event processing API. Starting from this version EventConduit does not automatically starts collection of events upon creation, but it’s now necessary to call begin() method. To mitigate the inconvenience, EventConduit now supports context manager protocol that ensures calls to begin() and close() via with statement.

  • In relation to PYFB-39 I have decided to drop support for implicitly cached and reused prepared statements. I never liked this feature as I think it’s a sneaky method how to put some performance to badly written applications that in worst case may lead to significant resource consumption on server side when developers are not only lazy but also stupid. It was implemented for the sake of compatibility with KInterbasDB.

    This change has no impact on API, but may affect performance of your applications.

Bugs Fixed

  • PYFB-44 - Inserting a into a TIMESTAMP column does not work

  • PYFB-42 - Python 3.4 and FDB - backup throws an exception

  • Unregistered - Fixes in monitor.TransactionInfo

Version 1.4.1


Bugs Fixed

  • Unregistered - isolation_level parameter for fdb.connection has no effect.

  • Unregistered - Information gathered from monitoring tables is not properly dropped upon refresh request.

Version 1.4

New Features

  • fdb.schema submodule extended with support for user privileges.


  • method to load information about user from server.

  • fdb.ibase content cleanup and additions.

  • fdb.blr submodule with BLR definitions.

Bugs Fixed

  • PYFB-37 - Unicode Strings incorrect not allowed for insertion into BLOB SubType 1.

Version 1.3

New Features

  • fdb.monitor submodule for access to / work with monitoring tables.

  • New fdb.Connection.monitor property for access to monitoring tables.


  • closed property and clear() method for Schema.

  • Unit tests reworked.

Bugs Fixed

  • Unregistered: Bug in fdb.schema.Schema.close() and fdb.schema.Schema.bind().

Version 1.2

New Features

  • fdb.schema submodule for access to / work with database metadata.

  • fdb.utils submodule with various helper classes and functions.

  • New fdb.Connection.schema property for access to database schema.

  • New ConnectionWithSchema connection class that provides more direct access to database schema than Connection.

  • New fdb.Connection.firebird_version, fdb.Connection.version and fdb.Connection.engine_version properties.

  • New Connection.ods read only property that returns ODS version number of connected database. There are also new module-level constants ODS_FB_20, ODS_FB_21 and ODS_FB_25.

  • New fdb.Connection.query_transaction property. This is ReadOnly ReadCommitted transaction that could be active indefinitely without blocking garbage collection. It’s used internally to query metadata, but it’s generally useful.


  • Optional PEP 249 (Python DB API 2.0) Extensions

    • Connection.Error, Connection.ProgrammingError, etc.

      All exception classes defined by the DB API standard are exposed on the Connection objects as attributes (in addition to being available at module scope).

    • Cursor.connection

      This read-only attribute return a reference to the Connection object on which the cursor was created.

  • Cursor.transaction read-only attribute returns a reference to the Transaction object on which the cursor was created.

  • Optimized wekref management, especially for PreparedStatement.

  • create_database now supports two methods for database screation. You can specify CREATE DATABASE statement (as before) or provide set of named database parameters (SQL statement is created automatically from them).

  • Functions connection and create_database now take optional keyword parameter connection_class to obtain instances of different class instead Connection.

  • Support for legacy (pre-2.5) shutdown mode with mode

  • fdb.Cursor.executemany() returns self, so it could be used directly as iterator.

  • Documentation inprovements.

Bugs Fixed

  • Unregistered: buffers parameter of fdb.connection doesn’t support values greater than 255.

  • Unregistered: Lowercase character set name passed to fdb.connect may result in wrong funcion of automatic data conversions and other failures (exceptions raised).

Version 1.1.1

Bugs Fixed

  • PYFB-35 - Call to fetch after a sql statement without a result should raise exception

  • PYFB-34 - Server resources not released on PreparedStatement destruction

Version 1.1

New Features

Bugs Fixed

  • PYFB-30 - BLOBs are truncated at first zero byte

Version 1.0


  • Removed dependency on fbclient library to be present at import time (PYFB-24)

Bugs Fixed

  • PYFB-25 - Truncate long text from VARCHAR(5000)

Version 0.9.9

New Features

  • Firebird ARRAY support.

Other changes

  • Cursor.execute() returns Self, so it could be used as iterator.

  • Reading output from Services now uses more efficient method to get data from server.

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix: precision_cache in Connection works as intended.

Version 0.9.1

Just bugfixes to make FDB work on P3K again.

Version 0.9

New Features

  • Documentation; both in-source (in Sphinx autodoc format) and Sphinx (html)

  • Services API completely reworked

Other changes

  • Unregistered bugs fixed.

  • Various optimizations and cleanup

  • Object reference graph optimalizations

  • Many new tests in test suite

Version 0.8.5

New Features

  • Support for Firebird stream BLOBs (see ReleaseNotes for details)

  • Documentation (stub, from KInterbasDB 3.3.0)

Bugs Fixed

  • Fix for PYFB-17 and PYFB-18 (see our JIRA tracker for details)

  • Fixes for automatic unicode conversions + refactoring

  • Some optimizations

Version 0.8

New Features

  • (PYFB-8) - Support for Firebird Event Notifications

Bugs Fixes

  • (PYFB-16) - database_info (isc_info_firebird_version) fails opn amd64 linux

  • (PYFB-15) - more than 2 consecutive cursor open execute and iter fail

Version 0.7.2

New Features

  • Python 3 Support (thanks to Philippe Makowski)

  • Support for Distributed Transactions

And as always, some (unregistered) bugs fixed.

Version 0.7.1

Bug fixes.

Version 0.7

Initial release.

Almost feature-complete (ready for 95% of users), but it could be still buggy (it’s beta!), and the code wasn’t optimized for size and speed. In all other ways it’s ready for wide testing.

What’s missing

  • Distributed transactions

  • ARRAY support

  • EVENTs support

  • Stream BLOBs

  • TRACE service

  • Documentation (but you can use KInterbasDB one as FDB is as close to it as possible).

  • Python 3.x support (haven’t had time to test it, but it shouldn’t be hard to make it work there)